It’s going to be an interesting day …

The next question is how the Conservatives respond, given the very unenthusiastic signals sent by Tory front-benchers about the financial proposals.

UPDATE: The Scotland Office’s news statement on the white paper is here.  Jim Murphy’s statement is here.

FURTHER UPDATE: The white paper is now available here.

UPDATE: The headline is that a row didn’t break out in the Assembly, and that Hain said that (like David Cameron) he would not reject a request for a referendum if the Assembly were to make one.  More interesting to my ears, though, in the light of the white paper on Calman discussed above, was Hain’s promise of a Commons statement on Thursday responding to the Holtham Commission’s first report.

(For those  who managed to miss Tuesday’s row – and it moved very fast – the story has been best told on Betsan Powys’s blog: start here and follow it through the next 6 posts.  See also coverage from the Western Mail here and here.)


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