Academic article on ‘Wales and the Westminster model’

My article with this title has appeared in the January 2010 issue of the journal Parliamentary Affairs.  It’s part of a special section on ‘Devolution: Ten Years On’ , edited by James Mitchell of Strathclyde University, and also including contributions from him, Bruce Crawford, Minister for Parliamentary Business in the Scottish Government, Richard Wilford from Queen’s University Belfast, and Vernon Bogdanor from Oxford.  The full table of contents is here.

In the article I argue that the constitutional design of Welsh devolution started being as unlike the Westminster model as possible, with a single chamber, limited legislative powers, and a commingling of executive functions with deliberative and legislative ones.  Since 1999, there has been a marked process of convergence on the ‘Westminster model’ with a separation of legislative and executive functions, increasing powers and control over devolved matters, but within a context that clearly subjects the Assembly to the sovereignty of the Westminster Parliament not just in the abstract constitutional sense but in very practical ways too.

The reference is A. Trench, ‘Wales and the Westminster Model’ Parliamentary Affairs (2010), vol 63 no. 1, pp 117-33, and the abstract (with link to the full article) is here.


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