Wales: opinion poll shows increasing support for primary legislative powers

To mark St David’s Day, the BBC has commissioned an opinion poll on public attitudes in Wales toward primary legislative powers.  It shows increasing support for such powers, with 56 per cent supporting them and 35 per cent opposing them, a gap of 21 per cent.  Details of the poll are here (with a link to the detailed results).  There’s also coverage from the Western Mail (quoting me) here and here.

The most important part  of this is the extent to which it shows support for primary powers is consolidating.  (The last poll, conducted by YouGov for ITV Wales in mid-January, showed a gap of 17 per cent.  Details of that are available here.)  There’s been a significant gap for a while; but that is increasing.

It’s sadly predictable that True Wales appear to prefer to rely on their personal experience and anecdote rather than proper professionally-conducted surveys (see Rachel Banner as quoted in the Western Mail piece above).  However, they don’t have many other arguments to deploy, so perhaps that’s not surprising.

UPDATE: Tuesday’s Guardian has a leader responding to the BBC News poll, and how public opinion in Wales has developed since 1979.  It notes that ‘First fearful, then sceptical, Welsh opinion is now embracing not merely the principle of devolution, but a richer reality’, and that ‘the sense that voters eventually get the taste for greater self-rule within the wider union is hard to miss’. It can be found here.


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