Lord Wallace, devolution supremo?

Not many are likely to have noticed, but Jim Wallace’s responsibilities as Advocate General for Scotland in the UK Government have expanded; he speaks in the Lords for the Law Officers, the Scotland Office and the Wales/Welsh Office.  This makes him the closest thing to a ‘devolution supremo’ in the new government, as Ken Clarke (to whom that role might also fall, as Justice Secretary) appears to have ducked it.  Wallace also seems to be playing a wider role in the implementation of the Calman recommendations (having, of course, served as a member of the Calman Commission).

This role could be very important.  The new government is already starting to run into problems as a result of pursuing different policies for different parts of the UK (so it’s committed to an eventual Barnett review for Wales, while seeking to avoid one for Scotland, for example).  Bringing together these different threads of policy will be vital if the new government is to make a success of its position.

Some information is given about Lord Wallace’s roles here, and there’s an interesting interview with him from the Scotsman last week here.

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One response to “Lord Wallace, devolution supremo?

  1. ken

    But what about Clegg’s new devolution-related responsibilities – esp for the West Lothian Question – as part of the transfer of many constitutional areas from MoJ, announced in the PM’s WMS on Wednesday (cols 22-24WS)? How ‘joined-up’ will the Govt’s devolution policy be (never mind the much-transferred wider constitutional brief)?

    By the way, I see that, in the same WMS, the DPM is given “policy responsibility” for the Independent [sic] Parliamentary Standards Authority – clearly part of the new Govt’s policy of making Parliament less controlled by the Executive….

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