(In)activity of this blog

I’d like to apologise to readers for the inactivity of this blog over the last few weeks.  I’m afraid I’ve been laid up with a debilitating bug, which is only now starting to clear off.  A pity, as it’s been an interesting period, with George Osborne’s emergency UK budget and the emerging scale of public spending cuts, the Secretary of State for Wales’s suggested wording of the question for the referendum on primary legislative powers, a re-introduction of the Sustainable Housing LCO, and the Scottish Conservatives’ internal review (see also here).  That’s not to mention English nationalistic blether as a consequence of Andy Murray’s appearance at Wimbledon, England’s appearance at (and departure from) the football World Cup, problems arising from holding a referendum on AV on the same day as Scottish Parliament and National Assembly elections, an interesting legal challenge to Scottish legislation controlling tobacco sales, or such interesting developments elsewhere as the Spanish Constitutional Court’s decision about the new Statute of Autonomy that the Catalan Parliament adopted in 2005.

I’m now starting to function again normally, and hope to get posts about most of these up shortly, as well as the Scottish Campaign for Fiscal Responsibility, and also Tuesday’s publication of the final report of the Holtham Commission in Wales.


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One response to “(In)activity of this blog

  1. Guy Lodge

    good to have you back! glad to hear you’re better and keen to hear what you think about Holtham in particular

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