Presentation on ‘Cameron’s Conservatives, the Union and Devolution’

I took part today in a conference on ‘Cohabitation between the Thames and the Taff’, organised by the Institute for Welsh Affairs and the Wales Governance Centre at Cardiff University.  The Powerpoint slides from my talk, on ‘Cameron’s Conservatives, the Union and Devolution’, are available HERE.


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One response to “Presentation on ‘Cameron’s Conservatives, the Union and Devolution’

  1. Jim Shepherd Foster

    Many thanks for your contribution, to what I thought was a very good conference. Two practical points which didn’t make it onto the radar, but I feel will be exploited by anti WAG doctrine. 1)The assembly crept into being, with a late surge created in my own region of Carmarthenshire. It would seem, if Professor Scully is accurate, we are going to have a positive referendum from only 15-20% of the electorate. There are credability issues here. 2) I canvassed extensively in the general election. Most of the people I spoke to, who are intending to vote yes in the referendum, are under the impression that we are going to get exactly the same powers as Scotland. Which is probably going to undermine WAG further.

    Best Regards
    Jim Foster

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