Article on devolution finance and the UK Government’s options

My paper on the options open to the UK Government to address the problems of devolution finance is now available online, in the October-December 2010 issue of the Political Quarterly.  In it, I survey six options available for dealing with devolution finance from the point of view of the UK Government, ranging from the status quo, through ‘fair grants’ and the Calman proposals, to full fiscal autonomy, and try to assess their benefits and disadvantages from the UK point of view.  I argue for a ‘strong’ version of Calman as the best option in the short term, and in the longer term for a version of what I call a ‘more or less federal model’.

Given the imminence of the white paper on Calman, we’ll soon see how accurate was my analysis of what they should do.

The reference is A. Trench ‘The Options for Devolution Finance: The Choices for the New Government’, The Political Quarterly Volume 81 no. 4, pp. 571–582, October/December 2010.  The journal itself is available here and an abstract is here.


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