Welsh referendum order: over the first hurdle

The National Assembly for Wales voted yesterday (9 November) to endorse the two orders calling a referendum on primary legislative powers for which its consent is needed.  Those are the referendum order itself, which is here, and an order amending Schedule 7 to the Government of Wales Act 2006, setting out the Assembly’s legislative powers if there is a ‘Yes’ vote, available here.  The third order, setting out the spending limits for the campaigns, doesn’t need the Assembly’s assent (but does need that of both Houses at Westminster), and is here.  The referendum order had the support of all four parties, and was approved by 47 votes to none (see here for the relevant section from the Assembly’s Record of Proceedings).

The Assembly’s Members Research Services have produced a note on steps toward the referendum, available here, and the legal advice about the Schedule 7 order prepared for AMs is here.  And there’s news of the Assembly’s outreach activities connected with the referendum here.


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