Evidence to Holyrood’s Scotland Bill Committee

Despite the fuss surrounding my earlier non-appearance before it, I have been keen to help the Scottish Parliament’s Scotland Bill Committee in its consideration of the bill.  I submitted a memorandum of evidence to the week or so ago, and have now been asked to give oral evidence to it.  I’m pleased to say that I have now obtained the degree of clarity I sought regarding what I will and will not be questioned about that I was unable to get earlier.

I expect to be giving evidence on Tuesday 8 February, and I gather that John Swinney, Cabinet Secretary for Finance, will also be re-appearing before the Committee that day. As it’s the committee’s last evidence-taking session, I suspect it may be rather a crowded afternoon.  Those interested can find my memorandum to the Committee here.  It should also appear shortly on the Committee’s own website.

UPDATE, 10 February: Those interested can find the transcript of my appearance here, or the Holyrood.TV version of it here.  In both cases I appear about three-quarters of the way through; my evidence starts at the bottom of column 466 of the written transcript, and as the last of the panel of witnesses on the TV version.

After my appearance before the Committee, I wrote to it with some further remarks that time did not permit me to make during my evidence session.  They’re treating that email as supplementary evidence, and those interested can find it here.


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