Wales votes, and the Holyrood Committee on the Scotland bill reports

As Wales goes to the polls in the referendum on the Assembly’s legislative powers (with the latest opinion polling showing strong, indeed growing, support for a Yes vote; see the latest YouGov poll for ITV Wales here, and one for the Western Mail here), the Scotland Bill Committee at Holyrood has published its report.  It’s rather a long report – when I set the web version up for my printer, it ran to 76 pages – but the substantive part is only about 22 pages long.  It’s available here.

Readers won’t be surprised to learn that the report largely endorses the Scotland bill.  They will also be unsurprised that the committee’s final deliberations were clearly contentious – the report records a number of cases where the committee took a formal vote on what it would recommend, and the final report reflects a view of the majority on the committee rather than the whole of it.  They might be more surprised that it’s not simply a blanket approval, though, questioning the detail of a number of provisions in the bill and calling for a number of amendments to the bill and extended process of legislative approval.  I’ll be putting up a post in the course of the day discussing the report in more detail. It’s discussed in more detail in THIS POST.

UPDATE, 4 March: Those looking for results from the Welsh referendum can find the BBC live blog here, and the official results from the Electoral Commission here.


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