Radio 4’s ‘Beyond Westminster’ discusses devolution

When the UK Parliament is in recess, the Saturday morning slot on BBC Radio 4 usually given over to ‘The Week in Westminster’ gets taken over by ‘Beyond Westminster’.  This week’s was devoted to an appraisal  of devolution in Scotland and Wales, and included a studio discussion featuring me, Robert Hazell from the Constitution Unit at UCL and Richard Wyn Jones from the Wales Governance Centre at Cardiff University (after discussions of a couple of policy areas – higher education in Wales and health in Scotland).  Details of the programme are here.  Those in the UK can ‘listen again’ to it using the iPlayer for the next seven days, and a podcast can be downloaded here for the next 30 days.


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One response to “Radio 4’s ‘Beyond Westminster’ discusses devolution

  1. Robin MacCormick

    Although I was, as usual, doing other things while listening to Radio 4, I enjoyed your appearance on the programme. This and a few other Radio 4 efforts seem to be all that saves the BBC from becoming the complete “Anglo-saxophone”, as the late Oliver Brown called it. I await the next one about Northern Ireland with interest.

    What can be done about the endless appearance of the great metropolitan Dimblebore every Thursday night, who won’t allow Scottish questions because they are too parochial? And Friday’s “Any Questions?” on Radio 4 is not much better.

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