Appearance on Radio 4’s ‘The Westminster Hour’

I’ve recorded an interview with Caroline Quinn for broadcast on Radio 4’s The Westminster Hour, which goes out at 10 pm on Sunday evening.  Those looking to listen again afterward should be able to do so as well as find details here.  We talked about the various devolution issues that are live at Westminster – notably ‘Ap Calman’, the Scotland bill and the Scottish referendum.  Given all the excitements at Westminster this week, I was rather pleased that such an important if lower-profile issue hasn’t been crowded out.

UPDATE, 18 July: Those listening on Sunday evening will have realised that the Westminster excitements extended into Sunday, with Rebekah Brooks’s arrest and Sir Paul Stephenson’s resignation as Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.  As result, the programme’s running order was turned on its head and that interview pushed out of the schedule.  I’m assured it will run at a later date.

FURTHER UPDATE: The interview was broadcast on 31 July.


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