London event on the 2011 Scottish and Welsh elections

This year’s Scottish and Welsh elections, and the Welsh referendum on primary law-making powers, have made 2011 a watershed year in UK politics.  Fortunately, the ESRC has funded detailed studies of all three polls, and the research teams involved (based at Strathclyde, in the Scottish case, and Cardiff and Aberystwyth in the Welsh) are holding a seminar in London to present their work.  It will take place at the Institute for Government at 2 Carlton Gardens, London SW1Y 5AA, at 6.15 pm on Wednesday 14 December.  Speakers include James Mitchell from Strathclyde and Richard Wyn Jones from Cardiff.

There’s a flyer with more details of the event here.  Please email by 9 December if you wish to attend.

UPDATE: Presentations from the 2011 Scottish Election Study can be found here, and from the Welsh Election Study here.


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2 responses to “London event on the 2011 Scottish and Welsh elections

  1. Geoff, England

    It’s ironic that a seminar on Scottish and Welsh devolution should be held in the capital of the ‘Union’s’ only nation to be frozen out ofthe devolution process. I wonder if any of the speakers will mention that fact, or if it will even dawn on them?

  2. Muscleguy

    @Geoff, England
    As I’ve said to quite few English who claim they are ‘frozen out’ of devolution. Any time you want English Devolution you can do what us Scots and the Welsh did and agitate for it. It is not for us in the Devolved nations to agitate for English Devolution, now is it? You want Devolution, regional or national then stop whining and go get it.

    If you mean you want a say in ‘our’ Devolution(s), well all you have to do is move. There is no nationality requirement, you just have to live here.

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