Posts about a Scottish independence referendum

I thought it might help readers if I put links to my main posts about a Scottish independence referendum all together in one place.  The ‘referendums’ category available through the drop-down menu to the right also includes some posts that just touch on referendum issues, and a good many concerned with the Welsh referendum on primary law-making powers held in March 2011.

These are my posts in date order, earliest first:

The Scottish Government’s white paper ‘Your Scotland, Your Voice’ (December 2009)

The missing bill for a referendum on Scottish independence (February 2010)

The consultation paper on a Scottish independence referendum (April 2010)

The Scottish Government’s legislative programme, and the missing referendum bill (September 2010)

‘Scotsman’ piece on a Scottish independence referendum (May 2011)

Scottish referendums: one or two? (June 2011)

‘Scotsman’ article about the SNP’s constitutional strategies (June 2011)

Polling support and a Scottish referendum (June 2011)

Scotsman column on referendums and the ‘constitutional cold war’ (June 2011)

A Scottish independence referendum and a UK ‘clarity act’ (November 2011)

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