‘Devo More and Welfare’ in ‘Scotland on Sunday’

The paper Guy Lodge and I have written on Devo More and Welfare as part of the wider Devo More project is published on Tuesday.   There’s extensive coverage of it in today’s Scotland on Sunday to whom we’ve given a preview of the paper, including a news article here and a comment piece by Guy and me here.



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2 responses to “‘Devo More and Welfare’ in ‘Scotland on Sunday’

  1. I think there is lots to be said for devolving powers further in Scotland. But devolution really should be made equally across the whole of the UK. The devolution settlement up until now, whereby Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland have received powers and parliaments has put great strain on the Union and is a cause of the rise in nationalism particularly in Scotland. Extending devolution in Scotland will be seen right by the SNP as just further steps towards independence and by the English in particular as unfair. The solution I believe is to come up with an equal devolution settlement across the UK, devolving powers equally and as far as possible to the most local level. Localism rather than nationalism is the answer to the needs of both Scots and everyone else in the UK.

  2. bjsalba

    There is no Devo-Anything on the Referendum Ballot Paper. Discussion is irrelevant and just confuses.

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